MaxiMist™ SprayMate Plus Sunless Spray Tanning Kit (1 MaxiMister Gun)


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  • 1 x MaxiMist Spray Mate Plus System
  • Mobile 4 lbs, 65 DB, single stage HVLP Turbine Motor
  • MaxiMist Turbine Warranty on Motor (2 year limited)
  • 1 x MaxiMister Standard Spraygun
  • 1 x Pop-Up ‘clear view’ Tanning Booth (warranty 30 day limited)
  • 1 x Solution and cosmetics sampler package
  • Designed for mobile use. 25+ uses a day (150 uses per week)
  • Model: ST610 Plus
  • Includes, 5 x 8oz ‘Suntana’s Famous Five’ (our complete range – FREE)
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MaxiMist™ Spraymate Plus with Popup Tanning Tent

 True HVLP Mobile Spray Tanning System for Home Use, Start-up, Back Up tech or salon use

“The Equipment Experts”

We stake our name on quality, this system delivers!

 (USA 110V)

  25 applications a day!!! – Medium Range use

Performance on a Budget from a Brand you can trust


HVLP Turbine systems are the way…Today!


The MaxiMist™ Spraymate Plus is the recommended unit for the budget conscious mobile tech or salon.

The Turbine Powerhouse:

The MaxiMist™ Spraymate Plus features a powerful 500 watt Turbine motor, paired with an easy to manage medium weight Spray Gun. The Stainless steel spray nozzle is designed to maximize solution atomization, while providing the least amount of over spray possible.

The perfect lightweight mobile unit, with a small footprint for easy storage. Compact size 12x8x8, and weighing in at 4 lbs. Its small size does not scrimp on power, providing 65 cfm of airflow to deliver the spray performance the Pros demand.

Onboard spraygun storage well, for easy gun parking. Inset carry handle for easy grip, even with gloved or damp hands. Light up Rocker power switch is covered with a water resistive plastic cover to protect switch from spills.


Easy to access filter helps keep turbine motor clean to provide years of performance. Just flip unit over, lift up safety cover, remove filter. Rinse, dry and reuse. (one extra also in included spare parts kit)

Maximister Spraygun:

The MaxiMist™ Maximister Spray Gun is super simple to use, easy to handle  ergonomic grip with comfort-grip. Quick Connection attachment for secure attachment, that eliminates Spraygun Blow Off!

Perfectly weighted with a solid feel in the hand, to provide an easy firm secure grip.



Easy To Use Adjustments:

Simple air flow adjustment, allow you to precisely control the spray flow and will apply any tanning solution with precision

Front Gun Easy Click adjustments for pattern selection, for vertical or horizontal techniques allows you to select the spray pattern to fit your method and spray style. (front gun pattern adjustments pictured below)

Horizontal Technique (Spraying Left to Right)             Vertical Technique (Spraying Up & Down)



Stainless Steel Needle and tip:

The Maximister gun holds a .05mm Stainless Steel  tip and needle for optimal atomization with any brand of professional spray tanning solution. Adjust the airflow for your solutions thickness, and you are ready to spray. Beginner friendly design makes this easy to use for the novice, to the expert, yet provides a Professional Spray Tan finish from head to toe.  Can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning.


Each unit comes with one long length, low fatique, 12 foot reinforced flexible hose. Twist and lock hose into turbine base. EZ Connect Quick Connect Connector Locks Spray gun into hose. No more hose blow offs! Yet can be easily removed.

To Blow dry your client, simply remove the spraygun, and blow a large stream of air for a Speed Dry Finish.


Extra Cups with Lids:

Packaged with three extra 8 oz cups, and three leak resistant lids, allowing easy solution changes for the Mobile Tech on the go. Translucent cups to allow easy solution view inside the cup.


Spare Parts Package:

Also included is the spare parts kit free:

  • 1 Solution Pickup tube
  • 3 Spray Gun Cup Gaskets
  • 1 Spray gun gland seal
  • 1 needle spring
  • 1 extra turbine filter
  • Spray tip removal tool (brass spanner)
  • Spray tip removal tool Handle rod (fits in brass spanner)

Simply put, if you’re looking for performance on a budget, The MaxiMist™ delivers without compromise



Free Solution Pack:

  • Includes, 5 x 8oz ‘Suntana’s Famous Five’ (our complete range – FREE)

Solution should be stored cool, dark and used within 90 days of purchase. Refrigeration is recommended for optimal performance and storage. Solution and Cosmetic Items are included free, and cannot be swapped, exchanged, or refunded.



  • Powerful 500 Watt Turbine , 110v, 65 cfm airflow, includes power cord
  • lighted power rocker switch with water restive safety cover.
  • Compact footprint for Mobile use (12 x 8 x8), 4 lbs
  • Quiet Whisper Tuned housing provided for low noise level. With gun attached: approximately 65 DB, equivalent to street traffic (quieter then human conversation)
  • Rated for 25+ applications a day (150 plus a week)
  • Easy access filter for simple maintenance
  • 12ft/3.5m EZ Flex reinforced hose with  EZ Quick Connection spraygun attachment
  • 1 Standard Maxi Mister Spraygun with 8 oz/250ml Cup (no lid)
  • Needle Size : Stainless Steel .05 needle and tip
  • 3 extra cups with leak-proof lids (8 oz each)
  • On Board Spray Gun Storage well
  • EZ Lift Hidden Interior handles
  • 3 replacement Spray Gun Cup Gaskets (spare parts pack)
  • 1 Pickup Tube (spare parts pack)
  • 1 Gland Seal (spare parts pack)
  • 1 Needle Spring (spare parts pack)
  • Extra Turbine Filter (spare parts pack)
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • 2 year  turbine warranty (failure)
  • Extra Large Pop-Up Tanning Tent with Carry Bag (30 day limited warranty)
  • solution samples above
  • Model: ST610 Plus



Pop-Up ‘clear view’ Tanning Booth; (you choose one color)

‘Clear View’ vinyl windows at shoulder height to allow more of the rooms lighting in while maintaining a level of privacy.

Double stitched seams for extra strength with nylon thread

Leak proof stain resistant floor.

Extraction fan opening in the rear. Our opening use’s Velcro to keep it closed that is installed completely around the opening insuring 100% closure. NO MORE BROKEN ZIPS!!!

We now use a “Low Memory” spring steel that supports the room without sagging but is easier to coil back into the collapsed circle configuration for storage.

Extra large carrier. The bag is large enough to also carry extra items like towels etc. We use Velcro straps for closure. Our carry straps are a true shoulder length and triple stitched to prevent tearing from the bag itself.

30 Day Warranty on Tent and bag (one time replacement only)




Need a copy of Maximist TNT Spray gun Assembly Guide ?

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Product Parts Identification with Pictures – CLICK HERE

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Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 12 in
Tent Colour

Black, Brown, Pink